Wireless monitoring is the go-to solution to jump-start your remote condition monitoring of production equipment such as pumps and fans. At the heart of the wireless solution from SPM is the Airius triaxial vibration sensor. Measuring results, stored in SPM Cloud or a local database installation, are accessible for viewing and basic analysis in the Condmaster.NET web application and mobile app, accessible from any internet-connected device with a supported browser.

Benefits of a wireless condition monitoring system:

  • Automated data acquisition saves time.
  • More working hours can be spent on optimizations.
  • Saves cabling and hardware costs.
  • Improves occupational safety.
  • Quick and easy installation, configuration, and administration.

Wireless solution with local Condmaster Ruby installation

Plants already running other SPM instrumentation together with the Condmaster Ruby diagnostic and analysis software simply install the Airius sensor on the machine, then configure vibration measurements for the sensor in Condmaster Ruby, as with any other SPM measuring unit.

Evaluated condition information based on vibration readings from the sensors can also be viewed in Condmaster.NET in an easily accessible and comprehensible way.


Wireless condition monitoring solution with SPM Cloud

SPM Cloud Solution is a subscription-based service providing worldwide mobile access to vibration data from the Airius sensors on a high-security server. The cloud solution includes Condmaster Entity Server, which processes raw measurement data into evaluated and actionable condition information. 

Measurement configuration is done in Condmaster.NET. This user interface also provides an overview of monitored assets' current condition status:

  • Presenting spectrums
  • Time signals 
  • Alert lists in intuitive, visually appealing graphs that quickly get users on all levels up to speed

Via REST API, Airius vibration data can be shared with other resources, systems or devices.

Cloud storage is easy to scale up with growing monitoring needs. Updates and backups are included and automated. The SPM Cloud solution is an ideal choice for SPM remote condition analysis services.



Contact us for more information about wireless condition monitoring systems. 

Start small with the cloud-based application Condmaster.NET that are used to access measurement data via web browsers on all types of devices.
Providing warning of vibration-related problems as well as gear and bearing faults, the wireless vibration sensor is ideal for remote condition monitoring.
Condmaster® Ruby is a comprehensive analysis, diagnostics, and troubleshooting software communicating with the wireless vibration sensor.