Onsite support

Mitigating risk while keeping costs down in the competitive and compliance-driven marine and offshore industry is a difficult task. Having provided condition monitoring services for over fifty years, SPM Marine & Offshore has extensive experience in addressing this industry's condition monitoring needs.

Turnkey CBM implementation

Our team will come on board to install the complete measuring point infrastructure at the equipment to be monitored using shock pulse adapters, measuring pads, and vibration sensors. The measuring assignments are set up in the Condmaster Ruby software, and measuring routes are assembled. Finally, the crew is trained to use the portable vibration instrument, online systems, and software to collect the vibration data in a proper way to ensure data consistency. From here, the new data will be periodically sent to our class-certified data analysis team for evaluation and reporting.

In the implementation of condition monitoring programs onboard vessels and offshore units, a significant deal of critical equipment is inaccessible for handheld measurements. The most cost-effective way of monitoring such machinery is to fit fixed transducers and cabling out to a safe and secure location.


SPM condition monitoring solutions provide global control and monitoring – from detailed information in the engine control room to overview in the board room.  We are currently contracted to support and assist over eighty LNG vessels to maximize machinery availability and performance onboard.

Accredited by DNV-GL, Lloyd’s, and ABS, our solutions give early warning of machine problems and provide both vessel crew and shore-based personnel with the information needed to make informed, confident decisions on operations and maintenance.

Installation and commissioning

We manage condition monitoring challenges and deliver turnkey solutions - integrated, flexible, and scalable. Our service portfolio covers the entire process; from installation and commissioning to global service, training, and support.

We perform condition-based maintenance and machinery diagnostics according to class requirements. Targeted to 24/7 monitoring of critical equipment and components, SPM solutions contribute to ensuring continuous improvement in safety – to life and health, environment, and property.


Onsite measuring services

We offer onsite vibration measurement services on periodical intervals or troubleshoot measurements to debug the machine's root cause problem.

SPM is a class-certified condition monitoring service provider by DNV-GL, ABS, and Lloyd's Register. Our field service engineers are ISO Vibration Analyst Cat II or III certified with a high level of marine and offshore equipment expertise.