Oil Contamination Monitoring sensor

The CMS in-line contamination monitor (particle counter) automatically measures and displays particulate contamination, moisture, and temperature levels in various hydraulic fluids. Atex classified version available - CE II 3 G Ex nR IIB T6 X

It is designed specifically to be mounted directly to oil lubrication and hydraulic systems, where ongoing measurement or analysis is required, and where space and cost are limited.


The water and temperature sensor option measures water content using a capacitive RH (relative humidity) sensor. The results are expressed as percentage saturation. 100% RH corresponds to the point at which free water exists in the fluid, i.e., the fluid is no longer able to hold the water in a dissolved solution.

Measuring results will be stored in Condmaster Ruby and presented in trend graphs with alarm limits.


Technical overview

Formats: ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, ES4059E Table 2, AS4059E Table 1, ISO 11218
Accuracy: ± 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14 μm (c), ± 1 code for larger sizes
Calibration: Each unit individually calibrated with ISO Medium Test Dust (MTD) based on ISO 11171 (1999) on equipment certified by IFTS.
Hydraulic fluid compatibility: Mineral oil and petroleum-based fluids (consult RMF Systems for other fluids)
Flow rate: 20-400 ml/minute
Viscosity range: max. 1000 cSt
Fluid temperature: −25 °C to +80 °C
Maximum working pressure: 420 bar
Electrical supply: Voltage 9-36V DC
Seal material: FPM (Viton) – Contact Des-Case regarding any fluids that are incompatible with FPM seals
Test time: Adjustable 10 – 3600 seconds, factory set to 120 seconds
Moisture sensing: % RH (Relative Humidity) ±3%
Temperature measurement: ±3 °C
Flow rate measurement: Indication only
Data storage: 4000 tests
Communication options: RS 485, RS 232, MODBUS, CANBUS, 4-20 mA
Ambient temperature: −25 °C to +80° C or −25 °C to +55 °C for K version
IP rating: IP 65/67 versatile IK04 Impact protection
Dimensions: 123(H) x 142(W) x 65(D) mm
Weight: 1.15 kg


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