Royal IHC boosts asset performance with condition monitoring

Headquartered in Kinderdijk in the Netherlands, Royal IHC is an innovative global firm that designs, builds, and supplies vessels, equipment, and services for various industries. Implementing advanced condition monitoring technology from SPM Instrument, coupled with seamless integration, significantly enhances asset reliability and performance.

With their integrated solutions in the dredging, offshore, mining, and defence industries, Royal IHC offers customers a competitive edge through world-class operating efficiencies and sustainable performance.

Royal IHC has successfully developed a data management system that can transfer operational, maintenance, and condition data to the vessels' SCADA systems and, if desired, to cloud-based solutions. Derived from SPM's Intellinova Parallel EN online system, Condmaster Ruby analysis software, and vibration transducers, Royal IHC created a smooth dataflow to showcase health scores for rotating equipment's most common fault modes.

SPM Instrument Netherlands has played a vital role in this endeavor by aiding Royal IHC in defining system requirements and configuring Condmaster Ruby. They also facilitated the integration of measuring results into the SCADA system. The integration of condition monitoring data spans across all kinds of assets produced by Royal IHC, ensuring uninterrupted operation for their customers, especially in remote areas.

Standardizing condition monitoring solutions for different types of assets, such as dredge and jet pumps, winches, tensioners, thrusters, and submerged installations, presented a significant challenge. Their adoption of the Condmaster ecosystem has been instrumental in streamlining data collection from multiple sources into a unified platform. The platform includes data like oil analysis, vibration, and process parameters. This approach ensures efficient data transfer to other systems, improving asset availability and reducing downtime.

Through the incorporation of SPM's advanced condition monitoring equipment and seamless communication with a Planned Maintenance System, Royal IHC aims to initiate a condition-based maintenance program at the start of the vessels' operational life.

Royal IHC's implementation of SPM's condition monitoring equipment, together with seamless integration, highlights its commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions to its customers. By harnessing the power of data integration, they raise the bar for asset reliability and increased efficiency. This approach ensures that Royal IHC's customers can remotely monitor asset performance.