Oil condition monitoring sensors

Our Ex certified oil condition monitoring sensors continuously and automatically monitor contamination, water content, and oil quality.

The CMS-Ex can automatically measure and save particulate contamination, moisture, and temperature levels in various hydraulic fluids. They are designed specifically to be mounted directly to systems, where ongoing measurement or analysis is required, in high-risk or explosive environments.

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– 8-channel contamination measurement and display
– Measurement of the following international standard formats; ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, AS 4059E, and ISO 11218
– Moisture and temperature sensing
– Data logging via data interface to Condmaster Ruby and integral memory
– PLC control across various communication protocols
– Alarm outputs
– Certified Zone II Cat. 3 G rating


Technical overview

Technology                               LED-based light extinction automatic optical particle monitor
Particle sizing                          >4,6,14,21,25,38,50,70 μm(c) to ISO 4406 1999 standard
Analysis range\formats         ISO 4406: 1999 code 0 to 25. NAS 1638 class 00 to 12 AS4059 Rev.E.
                                                    Table 1&2 sizes A-F: 000 to 12 ISO 11218 00- 12 (lower limits are test time-dependent)
Accuracy                                    ± ½ code for 4, 6 14um(c). ± 1 code for larger sizes.
Calibration                               Each unit individually calibrated with ISO Medium Test Dust (MTD) based on ISO 11171 (1999), on equipment certified by IFTS.
Operating flow rate               20 - 400 ml/minute
Viscosity range                       ≤ 1000 cSt
Fluid temperature                 –25 to +80 °C
Pressure max                          400 bar g. * For high-frequency pressure pulse applications contact us
Test time                                  Adjustable 10 - 3600 seconds. Factory set to 120 seconds
Moisture Sensing                  % RH (Relative Humidity) ±3%
Temperature measurement ±3°C
Flow rate measurement      Indication only
Data storage                          4000 tests.
Comms protocols                 RS485, MODBUS, CANbus
Ambient temperature        min/max -5°c to 80°c
IP rating                                 Zone ll CAT 3 G
Weight                                    5.5 kg
Electrical supply voltage    9-36V DC
Supply current                      12V 24V 36V 70mA 40mA 30mA
Power consumption           <2.2W
Outer casing finish             Stainless steel
Wetted parts                        M - C46400 Cu alloy, 316 stainless steel, Viton, FR4, sapphire. N - 316 stainless steel, Viton, sapphire.
Atex classification               CE II 3 G Ex nR IIB T6 X