There is much to gain from having your machines aligned to the correct tolerances. Not only will it have a positive effect on your plant and your economy, but also on the global environment.

An investment in a laser-based alignment system such as Easy-Laser® rapidly pays for itself through reduced costs for replacement parts, less downtime, and lower electricity bills. As an added bonus, you will get a better working environment.

Our product range is divided into three main groups: shaft alignment, belt alignment, and geometric measurement technology. You can usually combine these systems and parts to meet your needs, i.e., laser transmitters, detectors, and brackets. For you, as a user, this gives future assurance and a hard-to-beat financial advantage. Quite simply: extremely cost-effective.

Shaft alignment

There is an Easy-Laser® shaft alignment system for every situation and industry, from the most simple to the most advanced, including potentially explosive environments.

Geometric measurement

Geometric measurement technology spans a vast field, from relatively simple straightness measurements of a member to considerably more complicated right angle measurements of machine tools and checks of turbines for power generation.

Belt alignment

We have a complete range of professional tools for belt transmission alignment (BTA). Choose between “visual” display on targets or digital display.